Think Twice: When it Comes to Your Credentials

Although OIT makes every attempt to prevent Phishing emails from reaching your Inbox, it is nearly impossible to prevent all Phishing emails from getting through.  Keeping your credentials secure is of the utmost importance given that we work with confidential information regarding students and patients of the College of Nursing. Below is the OIT Policy regarding requesting your credentials:

E-mails asking for your username and/or password

If you receive an unsolicited e-mail asking you for your username and password, DO NOT respond. ETSU will never send you an e-mail asking you for your username and password.

No matter how realistic or official the email looks, if you receive an email stating your account is locked, will be shut down due to congestion, or needs to be upgraded to hold more data and then asks for your credentials, Think Twice and follow these simple rules to keep your credentials secure:

  1. Report the email to the OIT Helpdesk
  2. Block the sender
  3. Delete the email
Failure to follow these steps and providing your credentials to a Phishing email can have dire impacts upon the College of Nursing and the University.
Below are sample bogus Phishing emails and attached below is a screenshot of the bogus web form.
Dear Member,

This is to inform you that is shutting down some accounts due to congestion. This notification has been sent regardless of your last login date and you are required to access your account by clicking the link
below to confirm usage and enjoy uninterrupted services.

Notification Date: July 29th, 2013

To update your services/account; click

Dear User,

There are security check on database system and have your online access disabled, pending the confirmation of your sign on details.

Click the link below to confirm and type in the confirmation number: 1265-6778-8250-8393-5727 along with various information in the activation portal.

To verify your account Click

Please ensure your enter your username and password details correctly, to avoid losing your email account access permanently.


We will continue to update this article with bogus email messages as we get them, so that you can keep up to date on the lastest Phishing email schemes. if you ever have questions regarding an email, please feel free to contact the OIT Helpdesk (423-439-4648) or the College of Nursing IT Manager, Mark Bodo (423-439-4579).

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