Remote Desktop Connection Error: Please run remote desktop client with elevated privieges

When you receive the error message below when attempting to Remote Desktop Connect to Centricity the fix is to do the following:

  1.  Click on the Windows Start Button 

  2. Right Click on the Remote Desktop Connection Icon
    NOTE: If the Remote Desktop Connection link does not appear in your Start Menu, click on All Programs, scroll down and open the folder named Accessories, and then find and right click on the Remote Desktop Connection Icon.

  3. Select Run as Admin

  4. Click Yes on the Pop up to make changes to the computer

  5. In the Computer field enter:

  6. Click on the Show Options Link in the lower Left corner of the panel

  7. In the User Name field enter: vofficeware\

  8. Click on connect

  9. Enter your Centricity username and password

  10. Click OK



Once you connect as an admin once, you should be able to use the Centricity RDC link on your device until you log out.

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